Welcome to The Justice Project’s new website!

Along with a fresh, new look, this website has been designed to inform, engage and empower citizens and supporters of The Justice Project (TJP) as we work together to increase fairness and accuracy in the criminal justice system.

TJP’s website makes it easier to find important information about the primary causes of wrongful convictions and the reforms needed to prevent them. Through our Profiles of Injustice, you can read the true stories of innocent people convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. Each wrongful conviction is a window into our criminal justice system’s failure to find the truth, and a reason to demand change.

The story of Kirk Noble Bloodsworth, the first person sent to death row to be exonerated by DNA testing, is a powerful illustration of the common mistakes that lead to wrongful convictions. As a program officer for The Justice Project, Kirk now travels the country to raise awareness about the need for criminal justice reform. Learn more about Kirk’s story and how you can invite Kirk to speak in your town.

Our website includes a number of useful tools we’ve developed to facilitate a healthy dialogue about the need for reform and to keep you up-to-date with the latest criminal justice reform developments.

Policy Reviews – TJP’s Policy Reviews provide an in-depth look at the primary causes of wrongful convictions and our recommendations to fix them, backed up by the latest scientific research on the best practices and procedures. The first four Policy Reviews are available online. The remaining four will be published this summer, with recommendations currently available online.

State Work – Along with our national work, TJP is engaged in two focused campaigns to reform the criminal justice systems in Tennessee and Texas. We’ve expanded the Texas section of our website and highlighted our work. We’ve also collaborated with The Tennessee Justice Project in Nashville on a new website with unique resources related to our work to improve indigent defense and prevent wrongful convictions in Tennessee.

Justice NewsLadders – TJP helped develop The Justice NewsLadder to provide the most current news in criminal justice reform across the country. The Justice NewsLadder, which is updated daily, can be found on our home page and also here. We’ve also created NewsLadders for Texas and Tennessee news.

TJP Blog – Also new to the website is a TJP Blog, which will highlight breaking developments and keep visitors informed about TJP’s current work. The TJP Blog is also accessible via RSS feed, which can be found at the bottom of our home page.

Of course, our website also has more information about The Justice Project and our mission, our successes, and our staff.

We hope you’ll find the site useful as a place to learn about the issues and how you can take action to help make our criminal justice system fair, accurate and reliable. You can help us achieve these goals by signing up to receive periodic e-mails from The Justice Project and by making a tax-free contribution online that will help support our work.


John Terzano
The Justice Project